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How to Scrape LinkedIn?

Are you looking for a way to retrieve emails from LinkedIn profiles? Individuals and companies have successfully used mail lists to build more personal relationships with customers. In short, whether you want to scrape LinkedIn emails from one, two, or more contacts, this post will teach you how. Continue reading!

With hundreds of millions of active members worldwide, LinkedIn is widely considered the most important networking site for professionals, students, and business owners. The website aims to bring together and encourage contact between like-minded people. As a result, many people wish to use email more closely to communicate with their contacts.

Why scrape LinkedIn?

Scraping emails generally involves a collection of bots or crawlers that capture emails to create an email list. Marketing companies and other interested parties usually purchase emails and accompanying lists. And LinkedIn, with millions of professional email addresses, is probably today’s most targeted platform.

Some people wish to collect emails from their LinkedIn contacts for non-intrusive ad campaigns or recruitment. Email scraping is ethical in this context. It is a powerful tool for building professional ties between LinkedIn users.

How do I extract emails from LinkedIn?

There are numerous techniques for collecting emails from LinkedIn, and the majority of them require the use of bots and crawlers. LinkedIn provides a straightforward way to export and retrieve email IDs from the network with appropriate permissions. As a result, before moving on to the advanced option, we suggest the traditional strategy that LinkedIn offers.

Export LinkedIn contacts manually

Below are instructions for exporting LinkedIn contacts and extracting their email IDs.

  • Open LinkedIn and sign in using your email address and password.
  • Get to the home page by using the navigation bar.
  • Locate and click on the Me button on the homepage.
  • In the following box, choose Settings & Privacy.
  • In the prompted box, select the Privacy tab.
  • Locate the How LinkedIn Uses Your Data section.
  • Click Change next to the Download Your Data option.
  • It will immediately take you to a page labeled Download Your Data.
  • Choose the Connections whose email IDs you want to retrieve.
  • To complete, follow the on-screen directions.

After completing the above steps, you will get an email. There will be a link in the email where you may extract the data you want. It is also worth noting that you can only collect email IDs from your immediate contacts. 

Even so, you can only retrieve a limited number of emails, which may be inadequate to meet your requirements. As a result, to obtain complete access to all of your connections’ emails, you would have to use the next method.

Scrape emails from LinkedIn using automated techniques

It is a more complex method used if the earlier one fails. In this case, third-party email scraping technologies are involved in gathering email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. The usage of automated scraping tools, on the other hand, is commonly regarded as unethical in most cybersecurity forums.

There are various programs available for collecting LinkedIn emails. Some of them require a fee (PhantomBuster, ContactOut), while others are free (Skrapp, GetProspect, SalesQL). And, surprisingly, when compared to their paid equivalents, the free ones are not always inferior.

Scraping private profiles

The scraping of private accounts is the boundary that LinkedIn does not want you to cross. LinkedIn assures users that their personal information will be kept private, won’t be sold to other companies, and will only be used internally. When a scraper comes along and steals that information, LinkedIn is in big trouble.

By selling users’ personal information to businesses for a fee, you would circumvent LinkedIn’s privacy guarantee. Not the most ethical thing to do. This is acceptable only if you are looking for a job and want to locate open opportunities, or you are a headhunter seeking particular professionals in a specific location.

Use a rotating proxy

It is not difficult to scrape public files on LinkedIn or Google. Simply utilize Scrapebox, which may assist you in many situations. So, if you only want to scrape public profiles on Google and LinkedIn, the ideal approach is to utilize rotating proxies!

You should also test your proxies to ensure that they function with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a long list of banned IPs as a result of its anti-scrape policy. Proxy servers on this list will not work. Contact your provider for further information, or try it out for yourself using a free trial.

Bright Data

With a global proxy network, Bright Data offers proxies in every nation. Since they were established, they have been recognized as having the best proxy service in the industry. By integrating different proxy pools across different types of networks, advanced users can rotate proxies properly. They provide round-the-clock customer assistance, have over 72 million IPs to select from, and you can set up their proxies easily.

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Smartproxy is an incredibly adaptable proxy network, competing with traditional proxy providers who significantly restrict their users. All components work together harmoniously and are easy to use. With a wide range of locations and regions to choose from, Smartproxy is one of the best LinkedIn proxy services available. Furthermore, they provide some fantastic extras, such as an in-house rotation!

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Shifter delivers excellent proxies for LinkedIn since they are fast and can rotate based on your preferences. Did you overestimate your scrapping requirements and choose the wrong package? If you change your mind, they offer a 3-day money-back guarantee.

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LinkedIn is a widely used social networking site with many members interested in careers. It is a fantastic platform for engaging with employees, employers, influencers, and fans in your industry.

The easiest method to contact them is by email, yet not all LinkedIn members make their email addresses public on the network. You should be able to scrape any email address from LinkedIn using the tools and software mentioned in this post. Get started now with a scraper and a proxy!