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How to Make Money on Instagram with Affiliate Marketing?

If you are asking yourself how to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing, then you are in the right place.

Instagram is a social media platform that continues to develop even now. With hundreds of millions of users, it is still growing at a fast pace. This feature allows you to turn your passion into a profitable opportunity if you manage to arouse the interest of the public, even if you do not have millions of followers.

You are searching for and looking at incredible photos on Instagram every day. Maybe you have heard about those people who are paid to travel and receive sponsorships from top brands, and you want to follow their example. You want to know how to make money from Instagram, but you think it takes too long, it’s too difficult, and you’ll never succeed. Do you want to know how easy it is?

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

The principle of affiliate marketing is very simple: you promote the products or services of a company that will offer you a commission on every sale attributable to your profile. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your Instagram profile!

It is a great way to earn money online, both for those who are just starting out and for those who are already at an experienced level.

You need to post quality and captivating photos to invite users to buy or benefit from the promotional coupons offered by the company whose products you are promoting. These are customized so that sales can be tracked and you receive your commission.

How many followers do you need?

An Instagram profile that has between 100K and 500K followers can earn about $5,000 per month. You can earn up to 150,000 dollars per month, or more, for profiles with over 7 million followers.

If the biggest influencers attract brands, many companies are interested in micro-influencers who have between 50k and 200k followers. Even with a small number of followers with whom you actively interact, it allows you to create a trusting relationship with your audience and increase your chances of influencing them. That’s why you can become an influencer.

Use relevant hashtags

Use relevant and effective hashtags for your photos. You can use up to 30 hashtags for a post, so you need to take advantage of every chance for your post to reach as many people as possible. If you are still building your profile and want to increase your Instagram page, you can also create a personalized hashtag.

Hashtags are nowhere more important than on Instagram. Using a combination of hashtags, location, and tagging, your post can reach more people. Due to its popularity, it is now possible to follow a hashtag!

Use relevant hashtags for your brand. Don’t use hashtags that have hundreds of thousands or millions of posts, as your post may be lost among those. Posts with between 9 and 11 hashtags have a larger audience. Test different numbers and different hashtags!

All things considered, many affiliates still don’t use hashtags or even posts. Let’s see which of the four steps for success are used by professionals.

4 Steps to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing

To better understand what it means and how to do affiliate marketing step by step, we need to clarify a few things. There are many more or less important small steps during the affiliate sales process, but all of these are part of these four basic steps.

  • Choose a niche. The first thing you need to do is choose a niche. A niche is a small part of a larger market where you may specialize. Don’t choose a niche that is overused, it will drastically decrease your chances of success. Try to choose niches that are as specific as possible and, even better, choose an evergreen niche.
  • Analyze the market. Once you have chosen a niche, the second thing to do is to find the product to promote, and do a market analysis, whether the product you have chosen is actually sought after by people and whether can generate profits.
  • Create an Instagram account or use an existing one. Once you have chosen the niche and the product you will promote, you will need to build an entire profile around it. Unfortunately, it is not enough to have an account to guarantee sales. Everything needs to be optimized to convince the user to make a purchase. A strong call to action and the link are needed in the profile’s bio.
  • Attract followers. The hardest part is being able to create a solid and authoritative social media presence and viral content. For this, most of the affiliates use automation tools to follow potential buyers and, thus, make them follow back or check out the profile.

Automate your Instagram activity

Managing an Instagram profile can be demanding. It takes a lot of time to do everything that’s required. To become successful on the platform, you have to put amazing energy into loving posts, dropping comments, and following others. You additionally ought to post high-quality content at regular intervals to influence others to do likewise.

This is where an automation tool can be helpful. You can handle instruments like FollowAdder or NinjaGram to discover and communicate with possible followers. It targets existing profiles through several filters that you can customize to suit your approach. Automation reduces your duties, so you can concentrate on other essential elements.


All you have to do is to use these methods. At the same time, maintain a consistent schedule of posts and you will be able to make money from home or anywhere else you want using your Instagram account. Even if you start from scratch, you will be able to earn thousands of dollars by simply posting a photo on your account!

It is easy to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing and you can start today. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different techniques until you find what works for you and don’t forget to have fun during this time!