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How to get virtual browser profiles?

Have you ever thought about creating virtual browser profiles? Or controlling your online fingerprinting?

Now you can have these and many more features with the GoLogin application. Let’s talk about this app and its powerful sharing features for individuals, teams, and business plans.


Forget about worries concerning sensitive data storage and sharing. Basically, with GoLogin, you manage browser profiles and sync data most easily and safely possible. In addition, the separated profiles assure the protection of your data.

You can control your fingerprint, and sites will define you according to your configuration. Additionally, your identity is protected by replacing your fingerprint with a different one.

Above all, GoLogin features remote access (no install software), automation (with Puppeteer and Orbita Browser), and shareable access with team members.

The Orbita privacy browser can maintain confidentiality. Also, you can keep a list of different browser profiles all protected leaving no fingerprints. Thus, you don’t have to connect different computers to maintain several browser profiles for your tasks. Moreover, being based on the Chromium platform, the Orbita browser has a familiar interface for Google Chrome users. Furthermore, websites can’t track your location.

Use cases

  • Partnership programs. You want to advertise? Use several accounts with no risk.
  • Digital marketing. Your e-commerce platform works safely with several accounts.
  • Web scraping. Use different browser profiles and save resources. Furthermore, GoLogin has developed algorithms and management tools.
  • Social media marketing. Manage multiple accounts organizing the work of your team.
  • Analysis of advertising. View your ads from a different location controlling quality and reliability.
  • Retail price scan. Generate different prices bypassing the location algorithm and avoiding blocks.
  • Brand keeping. See if your brand is illegally used.
  • Self-examination. See your website as your visitors do.

Proxy integration

Some of the best proxy providers like GeoSurf, NetNut, and Oxylabs have stated that we can easily integrate their proxies in the GoLogin app.

The integration process is mainly the same using any proxy provider. Just go to your proxy service dashboard and choose the service type (location, IP rotation, etc). Afterward, create a new browser profile into the GoLogin dashboard using the chosen proxy’s details.


GeoSurf announced and published the ultimate guide for GoLogin integration with GeoSurf proxies. I immediately knew that is a match made in heaven. So, just imagine one of the best apps managing fingerprints and online security combined with one of the most trusted proxy providers having over 2 million IPs worldwide. Evidently, there is nothing more to say.

Now, you can browse without security and anonymity concerns. How? By using premium residential proxies and having an app and browser that protect you at any step of the way. Particularly, I feel much safer and I will tell everyone to do the same.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Get your virtual browser profiles with the GoLogin app for 7 days for free. Then, see how it works with your favorite proxy service. Additionally, if you are looking for a trusted proxy provider, browse our reviews and get the perfect proxy for you. After that, come back here, leave a review, and get paid.