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How to Cop on Nike SNKRS?

Nike, the Oregon-based shoe retailer, introduced its SNKRS app in 2015 to provide customers with access to the most recent and sought-after releases. If you are a sneakerhead, you already know how important proxies are when it comes to this industry. In this article, we will talk about how to cop on Nike SNKRS, how the SNKRS system works, and how you can cop more easily.

But first things first! What is SNKRS? It is a sneakerhead’s go-to site for all Nike releases. App users can see what shoes are currently available, receive information about exclusive shoes, and get a schedule. The app simplifies the process of purchasing high-end shoes.

Why Coppers Can’t Simply Copp?

Everything sounds good and dazzling, but the reality is quite different. Things aren’t as advertised, and the outcomes are not the same in real practice. The app just serves to boost demand. It creates a lot of buzz and then permits hundreds of thousands of others to attempt to purchase shoes. 

As a result of the scarcity that drives the sneaker and streetwear sectors, acquiring anything of interest is a Sisyphean process. If you pause to consider the procedure and your chances, the absurdity of it all may cause you to give up.

Draws on SNKRS

Because there is such a high demand for limited-edition Nike shoes, Nike devised a drawing via their SNKRS app. Picking winners for the trendiest Nike sneakers is part of the process. When it comes to Nike releases, the company aims to level the playing field for sneakerheads.

The phrase “Draw opens” on SNKRS indicates that the drawing has begun and that users have a limited time to participate. “Draw closed” indicates that the drawing has expired and you are no longer eligible to participate.

To participate in Nike SNKRS drawings, you must first become a Nike member. SNKRS push alerts keep you up-to-date on the latest drops. Stay on top of Nike’s newest drawings by following them on social media, specifically Twitter.

Remember! Technically, you aren’t allowed to enter multiple times in a draw. Nike’s SNKRS drawing regulations limit each individual to one entry per launch product. However, there is a workaround! Aren’t you excited? I sure as hell am. 

Sneaker bots allow you to submit numerous entries for the same drop. When combined with residential proxies, you will be able to establish additional SNKRS accounts, increasing your chances of snagging those pairs you have been eyeing!

Types of SNKRS Launches

You can’t conquer something you don’t understand. Let’s see what the types of drops are on the Nike SNKRS app and how each of them works.

  • Flow. First-come, first-served is the traditional method of release. Most often used for general releases.
  • Leo. Queued drop in 2-3 minutes that selects winners randomly.
  • Dan. Exclusive releases usually wear this label. Unlike Leo, it enters your name into a draw rather than a queue. The outcome is available in 10-30 minutes. My dad would be happy they named this after him if he knew what copping is.

There isn’t much difference between Leo and Dan, to be honest. Oh, god, this sounded awkward. I wonder if Nike has some grudge against these two, but moving on. Both releases are pretty much lotteries. The only difference is the time span. You must act fast either way. However, you may improve your odds by utilizing many accounts.

Remember that residential proxies are ideal for Leo and Dan drops. They make each entry seem to be coming from a different residential location. In order to manage hundreds of Nike accounts, residential proxies are the best option since they are the most efficient.

To cheer up the mood a bit, let’s see the bright side. You may as well win the lottery! If you won an SNKRS drawing, Nike would send you an email with your purchase details and order confirmation within 24 hours of the drawing’s conclusion.

Why Do You Need Bots and Proxies?

Nike has essentially perfected shoe gamification. If customers miss out on the shoes, they can still purchase Nike’s regular menu. Do you purchase the exclusives on the day they are released? You have won the game. Did you miss out? Purchase something comparable that will not have the same impact but will fill your heart for the time being.

That is how the system works. You can’t change it. For the ordinary sneakerhead, it is a never-ending cycle of anguish and joy. Nike is aware of this. Their customers are die-hards who will go to any length to get the items they want. Nike caters to the most ardent fans.

Nike only allows you to participate in each drawing once, so if you want to buy the shoes you have been eyeing, you will need several bot submissions. But there is a catch! When you browse online without a proxy, anyone can discover your browser settings and true IP address.

And, guess what? Nike may temporarily block you or blacklist your IP address if many requests come from the same IP address. So how to cop on Nike SNKRS?

Residential proxies make each request appear to originate from a different real user, so Nike’s systems do not raise any red flags. Establish multiple Nike accounts, each linked to its own residential sneaker proxy.


Nike SNKRS releases the trendiest sneakers on the market on a regular basis. However, obtaining them is notoriously difficult. So much so that many sneakerheads have given up in favor of more convenient retailers. You will need a Nike bot, verified accounts, and, of course, excellent sneaker proxies in order to increase your chances.

Copping Nike on SNKRS may be difficult, particularly when it comes to those hot releases that sell out in a matter of seconds. You must use the best SNKRS proxies in order to avoid bans and blacklists.

Now you know how the system works and how to cop on Nike SNKRS. Choose the best shopping bot and combine it with the best proxy service for copping.