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How Do I Find My IP?

If you wonder, “How do I find my IP?” it means that you have already assumed some notions of networking. If someone else asks you for this information, it would be good to understand what it does.

IP comes from the Internet Protocol and is an address specific to each device on a local network or the Internet. Whether it’s a router, a laptop, a tablet, a desktop, a smartphone, a console, or a Smart TV, as long as it’s part of a network, it has an IP.

IPs are of several types or generations. In a local area network, each device has a local class IP. On the internet, all devices on the local network go through a single IP provided by the internet operator. That can be static (never changing), or dynamic.

Public IP and local IP

Computers and devices connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs, have at least one public IP address and one local IP address.

The public one has the role of identifying the device on the Internet, while the local IP address does the same for the local network. It can be the network at home, work, or school, the one formed by connecting the PC or any other device to network equipment (switch, router, server, etc.)

The public IP is very easy to find just by accessing

How do I find my IP on the local network on Windows or Mac?

The solution is one that only takes a few seconds of DOS commands. There is also a more complicated version of this process that you can use which involves navigating through a lot of menus. But it is more complicated to remember.

On your Windows system, press the Windows + R keys simultaneously. In the new window, type CMD and confirm the start of the command with Enter. You will immediately be confronted with a Command Prompt window. Type ipconfig and press Enter. Immediately, you will be offered a series of technical details. These include the static IP of your system and the IP of the home or office router.

However, this solution only shows you the IP that is bound to your computer. If you are behind a router or a Wi-Fi hotspot of any kind, the IP bound to your computer is different from the one websites see.

How do I find my IP on Android or iPhone?

You need to enter the Settings menu of the device. Tap at the top of the Wi-Fi screen and tap the letter to the right of the current connection name. Immediately, you will see the local IP address. Also, you will get the address of the router through which you connect to the internet.

On an Android gadget, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, the process is similar. Again, you need to access the device’s Settings menu. Tap on the Wireless & Networks section and opt for Wi-Fi with a tap. With the list of nearby networks on the screen, access Advanced Wi-Fi. There you should find the answer to the question.

Again, the IP found in this manner is your local IP, not your external one that websites see.


We can make websites and other devices with which our computer interacts via the Internet to not see the real public IP address, but one belonging to a proxy server.

We talked about the best ways that do that in this article. If you want to know all the best residential proxy services that we have talked about on the site, I recommend you take a look at this list.

Now you know the answer to the question How do I find my IP, both for public or local IP and for every device.