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How Can Proxies Help with Ad Verification?

Digital marketers engage in ad verification activities to ensure that their advertisements appear on relevant websites. It also detects ad fraud, counterfeited impressions, and bogus ad clicks. Proxies help with ad verification in various ways.

In many circumstances, validating advertising becomes impossible without the use of proxies. Let’s take a look at how proxies can help with ad verification and what are the best proxy providers for ad verification. Make the correct decision today to prevent getting duped.

You can use several strategies to validate your advertising if you buy them online. Two of the most common forms of ad verification are localized ads and vendor verifications. The first examines how the ad looks in different countries, whereas ad vendor verification safeguards you against ad fraud.

As a result, ad companies with partners in many countries will need a way to verify how their ads appear on websites in those countries. Also, the most cost-effective way to see how their rivals display advertising in other countries is to use proxies.

Verifying Localized Ads

Even though localized advertisements make up a small portion of ad verification, their importance cannot be understated. Ad localization quality assurance must be a part of any organization that runs multilingual campaigns. It ensures that everything in the campaign goes as planned.

Running an international campaign means making sure your ad performs as expected. Ads will appear based on your location, so use a proxy to change your IP address and check an ad. In most cases, this approach is cheaper and faster than paying locals to review the ads by hand.

Ad Vendor Verification

As if ad fraud wasn’t enough, you also need to be on the lookout for additional online dangers to your name, business, and reputation. After all, your brand is almost certainly your most valuable asset. Therefore, you must adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to advertising. For example, most firms would not want to promote their products on sites containing unlawful material.

Yet, some ad vendors exploit the system by placing advertisements on unwanted websites. It goes without saying that any advertising views or impressions obtained on those sites are detrimental to the advertised brand.

Fraudulent ad placement poses a significant risk to some specialized firms. Laws mandate that ads for tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or medications be verified. Ad verification also safeguards your budget by detecting and reporting false clicks and ad bots.

How Can Proxies Help with Ad Verification?

Ad verification must use massive proxy networks in order to catch ad fraudsters without revealing your own identity. When the ad verification script connects to the suspicious site, it must have a unique IP address. Otherwise, fraudsters will identify and ban it from returning.

After all, if you are targeting ad fraudsters, you are sure to catch their attention. That is why ad verification firms utilize residential proxy networks. When you have access to a huge IP pool, you are not at risk of being blocked or throttled. With a rotating proxy, ad security firms may do their jobs without fear of network banning on questionable sites.

Proxy Providers for Ad Verification

An ad verification proxy provider must follow a set of standards to qualify as an ad verification proxy provider. Proxy services must be undetectable and maintain a large IP pool to allow IP rotation. In addition, proxy IPs from multiple regions are a must, so you can use localized IP addresses. Of course, we considered only rotating residential proxy providers.

See the list below if you want to use the best residential proxy network for ad verification.

Bright Data

Bright Data has all the bases covered when it comes to ad verification. It provides undetectable residential proxies that are compatible with most websites. They are also quick, safe, and reliable. The company boasts the most extensive proxy network on the market and is widely regarded as one of the best proxy services.

The geographical coverage of Bright Data is unbeatable since it has proxies in practically every city and country in the world. Thus, you can view ads targeted not only at the country level but also at the city level. Bright Data is also the greatest in terms of its IP rotation function.

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ProxyRack is a less popular option when compared to the other providers on the list. However, this does not imply that its proxies are untrustworthy. As a matter of fact, ProxyRack premium residential proxies make excellent proxies for ad verification. Approximately 5 million residential proxies are at your disposal.

Surprisingly, they feature decent location support that spans over 140 nations, allowing for national geo-targeting. Additionally, you can choose proxies from specific states, localities, and even ISPs. Proxyrack has a reasonable price and the price decreases as you purchase more bandwidth.

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The two providers listed above share many characteristics with Smartproxy. Nevertheless, one important distinction is that it requires a lower initial investment. The smallest starting package has a lower price than the two providers mentioned before.

As a result, Smartproxy is the source of choice for small-scale ad agencies. Its only downside is that it offers city-specific proxies for just 8 major cities throughout the world, as opposed to the two providers above who support thousands of locations.

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It is possible to use any proxy for ad verification, but not all are appropriate. Using untraceable and unblockable proxies will help you to outwit ad fraudsters. A proxy provider for ad verification must offer a rotating gateway and a large IP pool for IP rotation. Additionally, the suppliers need to support a wide range of locations for localized ads verification.

The examples above illustrate how proxies can benefit your business. Residential proxies help with ad verification and are essential for an efficient ad verification campaign. Choose a reliable provider. Those with undetectable proxies that can assist you in verifying advertising without being detected are the best. Check out the proxy providers mentioned above!