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Headless Browsers for Web Scraping

If you do web scraping, you understand how critical it is to employ the proper systems. The programming language and APIs you select may make or break the success of your scraping. But did you know that your browser is as important? If you are doing a lot of web scraping, you should use headless browsers for web scraping.

But what exactly does a headless browser imply? Headless browsers are safer, securer, and more effective than regular browsers. Continue reading to find out what a headless browser is, why it improves your work, and how to get started with one.

What Exactly Is a Headless Browser?

A headless browser is a web browser that does not have a user interface. Essentially, it is the same Chrome or Firefox we are used to, but with all of the items we can click or touch removed: no tab bar, URL bar, bookmarks, or other visible interaction features.

Instead, such a browser expects you to engage with it through programming, that is, by creating scripts that tell it how to behave. Interacting with the material in this manner does not reduce functionality: you may still simulate clicking, scrolling, downloading, and doing all of the same tasks that you would typically accomplish with a mouse.

You may use a headless browser for both automated and functional testing. Before selecting a headless server for your purposes, you should weigh all of your possibilities. Headless browsers are excellent scraping tools, especially when combined with a command-line interface. You can use their individual CLI or a web UI. To fully handle your headless browser, you may need to use both methods.

Why Are Headless Browsers Important?

You don’t need GUIs for projects like web scraping. Also, they can potentially harm your scrapes. Why? The presentation of all the information visually will significantly slow down the scraping process whenever you scrape a site with JavaScript. You are also more likely to make mistakes. A headless browser may gather data from AJAX queries without displaying anything visually.

Headless browsers are either useless or critical to the success of a web scraping effort. It all depends on the website you are scraping. You won’t require a headless browser if the website doesn’t employ JavaScript components to show content or JS-based tracking mechanisms to thwart web scrapers. In such circumstances, standard web scraping tools or libraries such as Requests and Beautiful Soup would complete the task more quickly and with less complexity.

However, whether you are working with dynamic AJAX sites or data nested in JavaScript components, a headless browser is your best chance for extracting the information you need. The reason is that you will need to display the entire page as if you were a real user, and most HTML scrapers don’t include such capabilities.

Headless Browser Scraping 

An automated data extraction method used in combination with a web scraper is headless scraping. In headless mode, a browser scrapes webpages and saves web data to a local directory on a disk. 

A headless browser allows you to get many pages at once and imitates a user agent profile, which is required to run javascript rendering. Scrapes more effectively when given command-line parameters.

Headless browsers, for example, are widely used to scrape data from online catalogs, price reports from e-commerce sites, or social media icons and widgets placed on a company’s website.

The Best Headless Browsers for Web Scraping

A headless browser’s objective is automation. Additionally, these tools are easy to use and are versatile when it comes to web scraping. When using headless browsers for web scraping, you must provide the browser with a list of URLs and then pause for it to upload. The headless browser can perform this automatically by dispatching orders from the command line to the headless browser.

Using a headless browser, you need to include libraries that the browser can interact with inside your application. This communication can occur through a command line or by connecting to a web server.

Chrome with Puppeteer. Chrome is an amazing lightweight headless web scraping browser. Many developers utilize it for a variety of activities, including web scraping. You can use it in conjunction with Puppeteer, a Google-developed API for executing headless Chrome instances, to do everything from taking screenshots to automating data for your web scraper.

Firefox with Selenium. Firefox is the other main browser you can use in headless mode. Using the Selenium Python API, you can conduct fast, efficient, and automated workflows. While it is quicker, it also needs a bit more programming expertise.

Headless Browsers Limitations

Because many jobs require extra plugins or configurations, you often have less control with a headless browser. Some headless browsers, for example, do not permit CSS selectors, making scraping data more challenging.

Even though a headless browser is adequate, web blocking can slow you down. According to how many web pages you want to scrape, you should think about employing a proxy service. A proxy service will assist you in preventing your IP address from being blocked.

Effective Proxies for Headless Mode

If you make all the API and HTTP requests from the same IP address, the entire operation will fail. Rotating proxies are the ideal proxies to use with web scrapers. As a result, each browser instance has a unique IP address.

Rotating residential proxies are outstanding for automatic testing and data harvesting web applications. Want to know more about web scraping proxies? Check out this post to see the list of the best residential proxies providers for web scraping.


It is time to update your web scraping software. You no longer need to squander your time generating JavaScript graphically. Improve your scrapes by using a headless browser web scraping tool together with a high-quality residential proxy. You can also create your own headless browser with some rudimentary programming skills.

Don’t forget to add the best libraries to your headless browser for web scraping. Start using a rotating residential proxy today and see the difference for yourself!