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Geo-Targeted Proxy

Anyone who works in marketing understands that the area or location is one of the most important factors to consider when targeting an ad campaign. However, geotargeting offers marketers options outside of cost control, as it ensures that their ads appear only in markets where they currently offer their goods. Here is where a geo-targeted proxy comes in.

There are many uses for geotargeting. A website owner, affiliate marketer, or advertiser should test their URLs regularly. In addition, you gain valuable insight into your workflow, identify dead affiliate links, detect malicious websites, and test geo-location targeting, localization, and uptime.

Why use geo-targeting?

Marketing strategies should incorporate geotargeting for several reasons. Marketers may utilize geo-targeting technologies to boost revenue and improve customer relationships. Because it focuses on customer behavior, advertisers may better understand and meet the demands of their customers, resulting in more campaign involvement.

Seeing what your potential customers see and experience helps boost your sales and traffic. Geo-targeting is particularly beneficial for increasing both online and offline visitors to a website. Location data may boost the efficacy of marketing initiatives. If you know where potential consumers are, it is simple to bring them the appropriate deals at the right moment.

Where can I get a geo-targeted proxy?

Here are our top recommendations for the best geo-targeted proxies.

Bright Data

Bright Data has a proxy pool of approximately 72 million IPs, which is one of its most appealing features. If you are seeking a geo-targeted proxy, this supplier is likely to have one for you. It provides rotating IP addresses, static IP addresses, and mobile IP addresses. Bright Data is the best choice for a geo-targeted proxy network since it meets particular targeting needs.

Aside from the standard nation, city, or state parameters, this service provider additionally accepts an Autonomous System Number. This extra function allows you access to more precise geotargeting. Using Bright Data is a straightforward procedure. Download and run the Bright Data Proxy Manager, which is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

In addition, users can specify timeframes before IP addresses are automatically rotated. The network’s residential proxies handle both HTTPS and SOCKS5. Their professional customer service representatives can assist you with any issue you may have by providing online assistance.

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Smartproxy offers one of the best geo-targeting tools available, with 195 locations worldwide. Its vast array of residential proxies contains up to 40 million rotating IP addresses. 

Using Smartproxy, you can prevent websites from blocking you by rapidly changing your IP address. This method also prevents captchas from appearing on certain websites. Furthermore, Smartproxy allows you to operate an infinite number of concurrent threads based on your bandwidth subscription

Smartproxy is easy to use. Pick a proxy from the dashboard and tap Connect. The location filter lets you identify proxy servers in specific cities. Smartproxy provides Chrome and Firefox plugins to ensure a pleasant user experience. Users may also pick a precise location and type of proxy for their surfing session using the toggle bar on the extensions.

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Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is for you if you are a casual proxy user who does not require advanced features. You have the possibility of applying rotating residential IPs, data center IPs, or backconnect rotating IPs.

You don’t have to worry about bandwidth when you get a membership from Storm Proxies. Private dedicated proxy packages have a cap on the number of IP addresses, while their proxies have unlimited bandwidth.

The Storm Proxies backconnect rotating proxy pool only has 70,000 IPs, but it provides users with excellent speed and functionality. You can set your proxy to the United States, the European Union, or the entire world.

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RSocks provides a wide selection of residential, data center, and mobile IPs. While most proxy networks charge depending on bandwidth or use, this one takes a different approach. RSocks charges for the geo-location that you want to target using their services.

Subscription packages may be available based on a specific nation or a global mix. With a US proxy, you can select from hundreds of local IP addresses from all over the United States, or you can pick from several European countries with an EU proxy. RSocks also provides geo-targeting solutions for China, Russia, and Malaysia. If you want to target a country not included in a package, you can go with a global mix.

The best thing about RSocks is that you can only commit for one day. All prices are available in monthly, weekly, and even daily increments. Any subscription offered by this proxy service provider has no bandwidth limits, ensuring an unrestricted surfing experience with up to 500 concurrent threads.

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With over 70 million proxies worldwide, Oxylabs is one of the most successful residential proxy networks. Many customers prefer Oxylabs because it provides a variety of functions at an affordable price. If you want a static IP address, Oxylabs has a large inventory supplied straight from ISPs.

Oxylabs, similar to Bright Data, uses an Autonomous Number System (ASN) to give precise geo-targeting. Moreover, each residential proxy will cycle at each request to circumvent IP bans. While Oxylabs’ rotating proxies do not sustain SOCKS5, its static IPs do.

Furthermore, Oxylabs features a one-of-a-kind machine learning and AI integration that enhances your secure browsing experience. With Oxylabs’ proxy networks, you can bypass blockages and captchas by simulating regular browsing activity.

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You can easily browse the web with a trusted proxy server. Also, most of these networks are easy to set up and use. Once you have determined the type of proxy you want and your desired location, you may locate a reputable proxy network to host all of your requests via an anonymous IP address.

Choosing a geo-targeted proxy service is simple if you know what you want and what you need. Check out our recommended services. You may also want to see the best cheap proxies on the market.