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Why direct ISP connectivity is better than P2P proxies?

Residential proxies with direct ISP connectivity have a wide variety of advantages. So, P2P proxies or residential proxies with direct ISP connectivity? If you are still deciding which one is better for your business, then you should first see what each of them has to offer. Let’s go through the main Q&A that can interest you in this matter.

What is a peer-to-peer proxy?

A P2P proxy uses the end-user’s device to work as a server for other users. In other words, every IP in the network is both a server and a client. And so you can hide your identity using an IP from another device in the network.

Always use services only from reputable proxy providers to ensure privacy and security. I can’t stress enough how important this is. The potential danger of the cache systems is something that you must be aware of. It can give access to secure data, browser history, and even passwords. The ideal option to avoid all this entirely is to choose a residential proxy with direct ISP connectivity instead.  

Using a P2P proxy, you will indeed have a large pool of IPs with multiple exit nodes worldwide. But ultimately, you need to take into consideration the dependency of an end-user. Your connection can be cut at any time, and there is no static IP option. Furthermore, the proxy’s speed depends on the end-user’s internet speed.

What is a proxy with direct ISP connectivity?

We have already discussed the main advantage of a proxy with direct ISP connectivity: your IP is from a trusted source, namely the ISP. Therefore, you will use one-hop connectivity rather than an end-user’s device. This means that you will have better security and, most importantly, a faster proxy speed.

If you choose to use a proxy with direct ISP connectivity, then you can find this service at NetNut. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial to discover for yourself the benefits of using this kind of residential proxy. Also, you can use NetNut’s Chrome Extension to skip the proxy integration process and access your proxy settings directly from the browser.

Direct ISP connectivity offers 24/7 IP availability. Therefore, you will be able to keep a session for as long as you need it. This kind of proxy does not use any third-party devices and keeps the connection stable without interruptions.


A high-quality residential proxy offers many benefits for a business. A proxy is crucial to gaining an advantage over competitors using web scraping and data gathering. It guarantees the accuracy of your ad verification processes. You can use it for social media marketing, e-commerce, SEO tracking and monitoring, travel agencies, and so much more.

Take into consideration all the pros and cons of P2P proxies and direct ISP connectivity. Think about how it can improve your business and why you need it. Then make the right decision for you. Afterward, we will be waiting for you to come back and leave a review of the acquired service to help other people in the community.