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Dedicated Residential Proxies

Dedicated residential proxies are groupings of IP addresses that you use to route traffic and are solely yours for a set length of time or permanently, depending on whether you leased or purchased them. The opposite is a shared residential proxy network.

Are you bored with rotating residential proxies that keep your traffic flagged because the IP given to you changes regularly? Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy residential proxies that wouldn’t change your IP address? For as long as you like, you can use the same IP address.

This tutorial will assist you in rapidly understanding the benefits of having a dedicated residential proxy network so that you can begin your task right away.

What Are Dedicated Residential Proxies?

Only one person or device can access dedicated proxy servers. Users who need to retain the same IP address use dedicated proxies. If the IP is coming from a real user, then the proxy is residential. In other words, a dedicated residential proxy with a legitimate IP address is a dedicated residential proxy.

Buying proxy servers is a way to protect your online activities or do various tasks like those from Amazon MTurk. Unlike datacenter IPs, residential proxy servers are more effective at scraping or creating social media accounts since they are not disclosed as datacenter IP addresses and appear to be typical, home-based residential users.

You will receive a dedicated IP address. Unlike suppliers, who share your IP address with thousands of other clients, this is a significant distinction. Consider utilizing the same IP address that other users employ and abuse. It just does not work. 

Why Do Businesses Need Dedicated Residential Proxies?

A shared network is your best option if your data collection activities are simple and you have easy access to your target sites. It is also the less expensive option of the two, as is often the case in the sharing economy. Consider accommodation: a single bed in a shared room of three will cost less than a private individual room.

Dedicated subnets of residential IPs would be the best choice if you target more challenging sites, have a larger budget, and have very specific objectives. These proxies are more effective since there is no other concurrent or, in certain situations, historical activity linked with them.

To illustrate this most important aspect, let’s look at an example. When you purchase a second-hand item, hidden flaws may appear later on. There might be rusty parts hiding under the surface, or the electrical core might not be strong enough. New products usually don’t need a thorough inspection since no one has used them before.

The same is true for shared and dedicated residential proxies. When you have exclusive access, you know that the target sites will not have any prior prejudice towards your requests, and you are thus more likely to receive faster, more accurate replies from them. 

A shared network may result in your requests being rejected or returned with distorted results if a partner has recently requested all of the prices from the same travel agency you are targeting. Receiving too many requests from the same subnet raises a red flag on the other end.

Where Can I Buy Dedicated Residential Proxies?

Residential proxy providers have little control over the IP addresses they utilize, so obtaining dedicated IP addresses is challenging. It is not the same as the datacenter proxy industry, where static proxies prevail. However, even in the residential sector, certain providers can supply you with static IPs.

Residential proxies with static IP addresses are less prevalent than those with rotating IP addresses. Even though many providers advertise their proxies as dedicated residential proxies, there is one catch. Most of them provide static residential proxies which aren’t quite dedicated. Once at a certain period, the IPs still get swapped, even if that is after an extended time.

Another catch is the private proxies. The ads tell you if you are the only user at a time. That may indeed be true, but that doesn’t mean you are the only user in the long run. Every now and then, the IP changes, giving you an IP that was previously in use by someone else. Can you tell how the previous user utilized the IP before? Only if you are a seer.

The Benefits of Using Dedicated Residential Proxies

Dedicated residential proxies provide high-speed performance and an infinite number of alternatives, allowing you to perform any task you want. These IP addresses are solely yours

They are anonymous and allow access to social media accounts, completing forms, and anything else that requires the use of a single, non-rotating IP address. Dedicated residential proxies can provide you with what you need.

An ISP allocates these IP addresses to an actual user. Depending on your needs, a dedicated IP will provide you with the results you need to conveniently and correctly surf the web.

Every company that uses dedicated residential proxies stands to gain from it. They may be more expensive than shared proxies, but they will prove their worth in the long run. With improved outreach capabilities and boundless advertising capacity, you can modify your digital marketing output to target more audiences than you could have ever dreamed of.


Dedicated residential proxies that do not change IP addresses and allow you to access the same IP address for as long as you like are the newest item on the market. You are using your own device’s IP.

Ultimately, your use case, type of datasets, and your task’s difficulty will determine whether you pick shared or dedicated residential proxies. You can also start with a shared residential proxy network and build up as needed with dedicated IPs. Check out the best residential proxy free trials to get a taste of the best there is.