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Data Scraping Amazon Using Proxies

It may be important for you to make a project for data scraping Amazon using proxies. As a company, you must understand the buying behavior of your customer segments and build solid sales forecasts through big data techniques. As a consumer, you must get to know any product extensively with a search engine. No matter who you are, you are going to need to collect information from websites.

More and more companies are using web scraping to get data and generate insights. Individuals also use it to get details and prices on certain products. Scraping data means scraping websites to retrieve the desired information. And of course, it is possible to do this on Amazon. This involves scraping the details of items that you cannot get with the Product Advertising API.

Amazon provides an API to advertise its products. But like most other APIs, this one doesn’t present all the information Amazon has on a product page. Thanks to a scraper, you can easily extract all the details displayed on the product page.

Lots of modern programming languages like Python, Go, and Java have libraries that make scraping Amazon easy. For example, you can build a scraper in Python to extract details from the URL of any article on Amazon. For this, you need to install Python 3 and PIP on a computer.

What data can you extract?

First, scraping data without buying pre-coded bots requires a solid knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XPath. Using dedicated tools, you can extract different types of data from each Amazon item. However, the data you can scrape is limited to:

  • Name of the product
  • Category
  • Original price
  • Selling price
  • Availability.

What scraping tools should I use?

Web scraping tools automate the extraction of data from the internet. Firstly, among the simplest and most efficient to use is Data Scraper, an application presented as a Google Chrome extension. This allows you to collect information from a single page and export it in CSV or XLS format. All you need to do is install a Google Chrome add-on in your web browser. To scrape data on Amazon, right-click on the page and click on the Get Similar option. A list of pre-registered templates will appear on your left.

Secondly, the other scraping tool worth mentioning is Python. You will need a PC with Python E and PIP installed on it. If you have a UNIX operating system like Linux or Mac OS, Python comes pre-installed.

Data Scraping Amazon Using Proxies

Firstly, if Amazon identifies a bot, it will serve you misleading data, which will render your marketing study worthless. Residential proxies are necessary because they give anonymity while scraping Amazon data, making it hard to get blacklisted, unlike datacenter proxies. When doing Amazon, it usually pays to get the best proxies as well.

The location targeting feature allows you to harvest geo-targeted pricing from Amazon, even freight cost data can be collected efficiently. With thousands of requests sent by your scraper, it is vital to address each request with a unique IP. A rotating residential proxy will switch the IP for each connection.

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