Comparison: Zapier and Integromat

Zapier and Integromat are workflow automation tools that connect apps. This way you can synchronize data between apps or perform automated actions. For example, a YouTube video can be uploaded using Zapier from Google Drive.

To keep it short, Zapier and Integromat are two different ways to achieve the same thing. They are quite hard to compare. You will see that they do things in different ways, some things being possible in one, but not in the other.


In Zapier, you have all the apps as a trigger and then you can use the built-in apps to do something with them. For example, you can set up a delay, translate a text or create a webhook.

In Integromat, you have more advanced tools at your disposal such as router, rollback and so on.  There is a big suite of tools that allow you to do lots of really complex stuff. You can do a lot more tasks on Integromat, just that it is way more complicated to use. But we will talk more about this on the usability comparison.

Both Zapier and Integromat are very powerful but they have different functionalities.  The winner in this section is Integromat as it is a little bit more advanced with what you can do with it.


Zapier has been on the market for quite a while and it has over a thousand integrations. If you don’t find an app on Zapier that means it is not commonly used in the process of automation. Furthermore, if you are using Many Chat, you will be glad to know that Zapier has native integration for chat fuels.

If you take a look at Integromat, you will see that they have plenty of apps and many of them are the main big services in their area of expertise. The main apps you use should be already also on Integromat and they are adding more and more.

Both of them have webhooks. Therefore, if you want to add something extra from software that doesn’t have direct integration with them, you can use them with jet fuel builders. Integromat has better native integration for the trigger function. But you can play around with both using webhooks. Therefore, that is not a real issue and the winner here is Zapier.


Zapier has a little bit cleaner interface making less room for failure and the learning curve is smaller. You have a trigger and you can set access. It is quite linear and more limited than Integromat. But in terms of usability, it is simpler to create what you want. For example, if you want to send a text message to a user, you just set a trigger when he reaches a certain point of the conversation on messenger.

If you fail in your endeavor, with Integromat is a little trickier to find out what exactly went wrong. It looks like the user interface was designed by a developer, not a UX designer that took user experience into account. It can be pretty hard to use especially if you are new to this world. You also need to know how code works to be able to use the more complex tools in Integromat.  

For example, one thing that Integromat has and Zapier doesn’t is error handling. You can set an action if a step encounters an error; you can stop it from running, ignore it and continue, roll back any changes made. You can get an entirely different workflow based on whether there was encountered an error or not. If you get in some heavy workflows, then this would definitely come in handy a lot.

In my opinion, you are best off just knowing how to use both tools. But if you have to pick one and you have just started out, I would suggest Zapier. Therefore, I must say the winner here is Zapier.


Here is the biggest difference between Integromat and Zapier. Integromat has a better free option and cheaper prices on the subscription plans.

Integromat has 1000 operations available on the free plan with a 100 MB limit. Therefore, if you have images or bigger files, this option is not the best one for you. Otherwise, if you handle small simple data, you should not be afraid of this. On the paid subscription plans, the data transfer limit becomes bigger to a maximum of 220 GB and 800.000 operations for the Platinum subscription plan of $299/month.

Zapier also has a free plan option, but it is way worse than Integromat’s. It has only 5 simultaneous Zaps and a maximum of 100 tasks per month. Also, the price difference becomes quite dramatic as you go up to the bigger subscription plans. The Teams subscription plan is at $312.5/month with unlimited Zaps but only 50.000 tasks per month.

In conclusion, as per all stated above, we must name Integromat the winner in this section.


After thoroughly researching the web for reviews and buyers’ opinions, I concluded that there are both positive and negative aspects on both Zapier and Integromat.

In general, chatbot builders prefer Integromat as it is a little bit more open and it has Facebook support. But overall I cannot give thumbs up to either of them. So, in this section, we will have a tie.


These are the main differences between Integromat and Zapier. If I had to break it down, I would say that in terms of integrations, Zapier probably wins just because it has more apps even though a lot of the time Integromat will have better integrations with a particular app.

When it comes to features, Integromat is clearly the winner, while Zapier is nicer to use and is a clear winner at usability.  Overall, I would say it is a close match-up. If you consider only the functionality and you are on a tight budget, then Integromat is the better deal for you.

You can use both Zapier and Integromat. For example, you can make in Zapier a calendar that triggers a webhook. Then you take it over to Integromat and you automate all actions from there. There are many things you can do and only your time and imagination can limit you here.

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