Why should you buy a residential IP?

A residential IP is an IP address allocated by an ISP to a home user. In other words, you can buy a residential IP from an ISP. This IP address is tied to a physical device, such as a desktop or smartphone, or router. The real owner of the residential IP, the Internet Service Provider, registers the IP addresses in public databases. This lets websites determine a device’s ISP, network, and location.

Why you shouldn’t use free residential proxies?

At the first glimpse, a free residential proxy might look like a bargain. But they are useless solely by being too slow. Also, the owner still needs to make money. So, he will embed fake ads, log your internet usage, and infect your device with malware.

When should I buy a residential IP?

You know that you need to buy a residential IP when:

  • your target is actively looking to block you
  • you need broad location coverage
  • you’re doing high volume scraping
  • you want to browse anonymously

How to get a residential IP?

You can buy residential IP addresses from any of the providers on our list. Also, here you can find real reviews from verified buyers. Many of the providers offer free trials or money-back guarantees. So, you can try it without any risk.

Can I buy static residential IPs?

Nowadays, more and more proxy providers are starting to offer static residential proxies. The reason is that these IP addresses are coming directly from the ISP, not from the end-user. We can highly recommend Netnut. It is well known, that Netnut rents the residential IPs directly from the Internet Provider. This means that if you want you can always have the same residential IP.

Advantages of a residential IP

A high-quality residential proxy will:

  • make your browsing more reliable
  • decrease the chances of getting blacklisted
  • improve your privacy, security, and safety
  • be more legitimate than a datacenter proxy

Why the device owners are sharing their residential IP?

Any proxy providers are rewarding the device owners with money or access to premium content. Luminati gives access to Hola VPN. This is an application that provides VPN services through a peer-to-peer network. Packetstream is paying the owners with money for the used traffic. Netnut pays directly the ISP and has no connection with any device owner.


Before buying a residential IP, you must consider your budget, the purpose and use, compatibility with automation tools, and the geo-location. Be sure to verify all of these before purchase, accordingly with your needs. For example, if you use automation tools the first thing to check is their compatibility. Also, some providers may have restrictions so check and verify the package before payment.

In conclusion, you can get a free residential IP or buy a residential IP. The cost difference pays for anonymity, stability, speed, viability, durability, and technical support availability. As for anonymity, we highly recommend only elite proxies. This type hides the IP and the fact that it is a proxy, thus providing complete anonymity.

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