Which proxy provider is best for you?

If your activity has some needs that you find in this article or any other, we recommend you to buy one of the solutions we recommend. You will find answers to many of the questions you have. And you will have some surprises related to your activity needs and what a proxy provider can offer. If you are still not clear after reading the guide, we will find together the answer you are looking for.

Where can I get a good rotating proxy?

Rotating an IP means to change the IP address and generate a new session at a certain time frame, after a number of requests or based on status code. You will be in dire need of this kind of proxy if you are doing data extraction projects, verifying ads, price comparison data collection, or managing accounts. Here we recommend Luminati for its largest residential rotating proxy network with pricing based on bandwidth and Stormproxies with simultaneous connections limited by the acquired package.

Which proxy provider gives unlimited bandwidth?

If you have huge bandwidth requirements, then it is not good for you to pay per GB, especially if you need to crawl monthly terabytes of data. In this case, you should head toward Shifter for their unlimited bandwidth or ProxyRack for their Unmetered residential service package.

Where can I get a proxy service with unlimited connections?

This question mainly appears when you want to web scrape freely or you need to scale your marketing. You need to access a pool of IPs with unlimited connections to put your scrapers to work. Also, you will need to register and manage a huge number of social media accounts for your marketing plan. This kind of package with unlimited connections you will get at Luminati or SmartProxy.

Which proxy provider has mobile residential proxies?

You may find yourself in need of mobile residential proxies when verifying mobile assets. Also, it may be important for you to know which kind of connection it uses: 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. At Luminati you can get mobile residential proxies with real 3G and 4G connections given by the mobile carrier to certain end-users. These mobile residential proxies have unlimited simultaneous connections. Another option for you might be Oxylabs where you will get very fast mobile residential proxies on Wi-Fi connections. Therefore, here is the best place if you want to use mobile connections for data scraping.

How can I get flexibility in choosing the rotating IP by country?

If you are in need to gather data scattered around the world, you will need a worldwide IP pool with many options for targeting. Oxylabs and almost any other proxy provider on our list can offer rotating proxies with high flexibility to choose any location by country, city, or ASN.


We are hoping that we answered some of your most important questions related to proxy services. For any other questions, you can check out on this website the dedicated pages for each proxy provider. There you will find grades for each provider given by people who really used their services.

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