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Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, provides proxies aimed at businesses. Nevertheless, their proxies can also be used by individuals to do almost every other thing. It provides companies with an automated online data collection platform. Bright Data helps businesses to gather competitive data and market research, and it permits them to reach data-driven conclusions.

It is one of the top proxy providers on the market, offering high-quality services for a reasonable price. They also enable data gathering automation, allowing users with inadequate personnel to do tasks as needed. It also has a proxy manager, which allows users to manage proxies without having to write code.

Bright Data Alternatives

Every system has its flaws. So does Bright Data. Its bandwidth is limited depending on your subscription. Their offers are somewhat also expensive as compared to other providers.

Luckily there is always an alternative. Other comparable providers like SmartProxy and NetNut also provide premium proxies at competitive prices. If you are looking for cheaper proxy providers you can always check Shifter and Storm Proxies.

Bright Data Proxies

Bright Data offers over 72 million IPs worldwide with unlimited concurrent connections. With their ultra-modern infrastructure, you are guaranteed quality proxy solutions. It also performs periodic security and penetration checks making your connection as secure as possible. This ensures that your identity online is always safe, secured, and with a lesser chance of getting your IP blacklisted.

Bright Data presents data center proxies and residential proxies. Datacenter proxies are more reliable and faster. Residential proxies have an IP address given by an ISP to an end-user. Therefore, residential proxies can better hide your identity and are harder to detect.

The offer includes rotating residential proxies with IP address that keeps changing after a short period and static residential proxies with static IP addresses with a 100% network uptime. Using residential proxies makes it harder for you to get detected and discovered that you are using a proxy.

Bright Data Review

Bright Data offers several ports based on the type of package you purchase. It provides real-time static residential IPs that are real IP addresses that have been leased from ISPs.

Bright Data has a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to manage proxies without any coding experience. All is simplified so that it provides a proper view of your proxy server. There are many features in this dashboard. Here, you can obtain and view your existing subscription plan and change to other subscription plans as well.

Bright Data also comes with 24-hour customer support service. The best professionals impeccably solve all the problems that may appear. You can rest assured that whenever you contact them, you will get your problem easily and quickly solved.

It has a well-structured system that ensures that all its proxies are up to the mark. They are therefore regarded as one of the best proxy services in the business. It offers both residential and datacenter proxies. Although the cost of these proxies is nowhere near cheap, their quality services ensure every dollar paid is accounted for and that is what makes them one of the top residential proxy providers in the business.

Bright Data has 99.99% network uptime, fastest response time, unlimited concurrent connections as well as open-source proxy tools to make your work easier.

For a more in-depth review, read Bright Data’s cons.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Bright Data takes it to a whole new level. Most proxy providers in the market assist users through live chat, ticket, or email support. This provider, on the other hand, offers several avenues for users to contact their customer support team 24 hours a day. 

This includes email, live chat, Skype, and my personal favorite, assistance via Teamviewer, which is very impressive. These options make their customer support one of a kind and very effective. With this in mind, I will give Bright Data an ‘A’ in customer support and assistance.

Bright Data Trial

Unlike most proxy providers on the market, it offers a money-back guarantee within 3 days for individuals and 7 days for companies and corporations which is very transparent and ensures that users get exactly what they want. Although you have to pay to be able to try their services, that is the norm and therefore shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking for providers that offer a free trial, read this article.

Bright Data Pricing

It provides premium proxy services so their prices are somewhat expensive. However, their proxies guarantee that each dollar you pay is going to count.

It has four offers. The Starter package costs $500 per month. It also offers a Production Package and a Plus Package at $1000 and $3400 per month respectively.

The data center IPs within the Starter Package cost  $0.60/IP +$0.095/GB, $0.55/IP for the Production Package, $0.50/IP for the Plus Package, and $0.40/IP for the Enterprise Package.

It provides residential proxies starting from $3.00 based on the type of package. Residential proxies cost $12.50/GB within the Starter Package, $10.00 in the Production pack, $8.50 in the Plus Package, and $3.00 in the Enterprise Pack.

Static residential IPs cost $12.50/GB +$0.50/IP, $10.00/GB, $8.50/GB and $3.00/GB for the Starter, Production, Plus and Enterprise Packages respectively..

Bright Data provides mobile proxies at $30.00/GB, $28.00/GB, $26.00/GB, and $15.00/GB for Starter, Production, Plus, and Enterprise Packages respectively.                                                                                    

Of the four kinds of proxies on offer, data center IPs are the cheapest, and mobile IPs are the most expensive. Static residential IPs have the same base cost as dynamic residential IPs, except each static IP costs an additional $0.50. 

Everything is very configurable, however, allowing you to mix and match IP types and associated plans to best meet your business needs.