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How to find the best proxy provider?

the best proxy provider

Basically, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer, tablet, phone, etc, and the Internet. For example, let’s say you live in the UK and you want to access a video on a website in the US. You could use a proxy server to maintain your position and access content as if you were in the United States….

How to configure Chrome proxy settings?

Chrome proxy settings

The need for knowing how to configure Chrome proxy settings may arise sooner than you know. Corporate network admins likely impose proxies for internet access control and optimization. Google Chrome continues to dominate the world of web browsers. It is secure, fast, and compatible with almost any current site. Upon installation it includes anti-phishing protection, alerting the user if the…

The best residential proxy service

residential proxy service

It may seem impossible to find the best residential proxy service that can keep your online privacy. The proxy industry is huge; there are hundreds of services available, and everyone claims to be the best. We have removed several dubious proxy providers from the list. Although they haven’t been caught sharing user data yet, we are worried they will be…

Residential IPv6 proxies

Residential IPv6 Proxies

Evolution is what makes the Earth revolve around itself. Without it, our planet would still be flooded with molten lava like in the early stages. Also, Homo sapiens would not have existed and neither invented languages nor written text. You would not be here reading this without evolution or bothering yourself about residential IPv6 proxies. Today, evolution is best seen…

Backconnect proxies

Backconnect proxies are an intermediary between you and the website in a similar manner as a normal proxy. But similarities stop here. The reason you should buy backconnect proxies is that your IP does not get blocked. The network will provide automatic IP rotation for every request or after a fixed time. Of course, backconnect proxies share the same configuration…

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