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How to become anonymous on the internet?

There are many ways to change your IP address, and these can help you better protect your identity when browsing the internet or when you want to use services available only in certain countries. Let’s find out what method is best for you to become anonymous on the internet.

There are various reasons for using IP switching methods. Many people use them to hide their location since most sites collect data about their users to sell later. Most users change their IP to receive access to services that are valid only in certain countries and restricted in all others. Netflix and Hulu are just a few of them.

Depending on the risks you are willing to take, you can use the options below, which are currently the best IP change methods. We will start with the best one and focus on it. Afterward, we will make a summary of the rest of the methods for becoming anonymous on the Internet.

Proxies, the best method of IP change

Proxies are the most simple and accessible way to hide your data while surfing the internet. Depending on your preferences, they can be accessed in two ways. You can enter the data into the browser you are using, or you can select a Web Proxy.

If you use Firefox and want to use the first option, you must access the menu and then select “Options”, “Advanced” and “Connection Settings”. Next to the Manual Proxy Configuration, enter the IP and then the respective port. Chrome users, on the other hand, will need to access the menu, followed by “Options” and “Change Proxy Settings”. For Chrome, you can read this article for more information: How to configure Chrome proxy settings?

If you want to use webproxies, just choose one of the many options available to you online, such as HideMyAss or YesProxy. For those who have not decided yet between these two kinds of proxies, we advise you to read this article: Surprising ways proxy servers have an edge over web proxies.

Using a VPN

To use a VPN, you will usually be required to get a special subscription and a software download. Hackers use the same system to make it more difficult to find them. Before accessing a web page or a certain online service, the connection is made using some link nodes that aim to mask the original IP address.

Tor is a good tool

At a fundamental level, Tor can be considered a network of computers connected to the Internet. The moment you want to access a website, your application goes through several computers before that website is displayed in your browser. In this way, the source of that request cannot be traced.

The US Marine Research Laboratories created the Tor Project. Its purpose was to protect the online communications of US government organizations. Now, journalists, activists, hackers, government agencies, and a wide variety of Internet users access the same system worldwide. All of them value the anonymity of their online activity.


If you want to become anonymous on the Internet, the best method is to use proxies. Buying a residential proxy may be the best choice for you and your anonymity. You can always check here on our website for reviews from verified buyers to help you choose the right proxy service for you. After purchase, you are always welcome to drop in a review of your own.