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Residential Proxies for Amazon MTurk

If you have the ability and want to earn money while working remotely, Amazon MTurk is an excellent platform. The best residential proxies for Amazon MTurk will assist you in overcoming the many obstacles that you may encounter while utilizing the platform.

The US is the most popular market for Amazon MTurk. Even though it can be used from other locations, most employers wish to assign jobs to Americans. In other words, if you don’t live in the US or you are traveling out of the country, your prospects of finding a job with Amazon MTurk are reduced.

What Is Amazon MTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing tool that allows users to finish enormous jobs in a short period of time by sharing them. It is a marketplace where employers may meet workers. Businesses and individuals may use MTurk to share their tasks and work with those who can accomplish them online.

Using Amazon MTurk, you will get various tasks, including data research, content moderation, surveys, and so on. You will most likely be on the lower end of that pay scale when you are just starting out and learning the ropes. However, it does pick up as you go.

How Does Amazon MTurk Work?

The Amazon MTurk service works straightforwardly. It has an API that anybody may use to incorporate into their platform. All you have to do is go to the worker website, enter your skills and experience, and create an account. You may be approved or rejected based on the information you provide.

Your requester approves your payment as you work. The funds will appear in your worker account in USD or as an Amazon gift card, both of which you may withdraw to your account or through other available payment channels. You can either link your bank account to receive cash directly into your account or use your profits to buy stuff from Amazon. Unlike some other survey sites, there is no minimum cash-out requirement.

When Do You Need Proxies For Amazon MTurk?

As I have previously stated, Amazon MTurk wants mostly US residents. But you may enroll from wherever you are and use a proxy to change your location to the United States. You can get a United States IP address by using a geo-targeted proxy server.

Similarly, you may live in the United States but be abroad at the moment. Even though your residence address is in the United States, you will receive an error when selecting US-only Human Intelligence Tasks, aka HITs. It is simply an IP address issue because you can’t browse with a US IP address anymore, but you can use a proxy.

Another reason you will need an Amazon MTurk proxy is to unblock websites. Due to your location or internet connection, some websites may not load during turking. Those who have encountered such problems suggest using a residential proxy rather than a VPN. The IP address of a residential proxy is the same as the IP address of a real user, which makes it difficult for websites to identify you. Using a free proxy or VPN may result in Amazon banning your account.

You may want to repeat some tasks for extra cash. If that is the case, then you will be disappointed to learn that Amazon MTurk has a duplicate IP address feature that keeps you from repeating the same task from the same IP address, even if you have multiple accounts. So make sure you have a different IP set the moment you want to retake the task.

Types of Proxies for MTurk

We have already concluded why residential proxies are the best for Amazon MTurk. They are the only way you can make sure your IP looks legit. Now another question arises. Rotating or static proxies?

A dynamic IP address can cause a lot of problems. Bouncing from one place to another hundreds of miles away will raise a red flag for sure. More than that, even a banned account. So it is fair to conclude that rotating proxies are a no-no.

The solution is simple: static residential proxies. To avoid the duplicate IP address feature mentioned in the previous section of this article, make sure you don’t bind the same proxy to multiple accounts.

Issues Using Proxies for MTurk

The main reasons for an Amazon MTurk account suspension are:

  • DNS Leak. I will explain this issue in an entire section below.
  • Dynamic IP. We have already discussed the problems arising from having a dynamic IP. If you are using a static residential proxy, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. 
  • Location Error. The proxies you are using may not have the right setup. Usually, this implies that Amazon MTurk can see your proxy IP address’ ISP. If the ISP isn’t an Internet Service Provider from the United States, this will lead to account suspension or ban.

DNS Leak

Your computer must know the IP addresses of the target hosts to connect. DNS queries, often UDP packets on port 53, should only be routed through the same proxy connection for security reasons. Other routes can lead to DNS leaks. When this occurs, your location is exposed.

Operating systems are designed for speed, not for DNS leak protection. Windows Multi-Homed DNS may cause a DNS leak. The system resolver makes the DNS request across all available network connections on the system to obtain an answer as soon as possible. While this improves performance, it also leads to DNS leaks. Even if this option is not enabled, logic is in place to instruct the resolver to fall back to the DNS server of the other connection if the primary one fails.

There are various approaches to avoid DNS leaks. There are tools, such as YogaDNS, that can intercept all DNS queries on the system and route them solely through the specified DNS server. As a result, DNS leaks cannot occur.


Your future profits are directly proportional to the amount of time you devote to it and the quality of your internet connection. Beware of DNS leaks and use only the best static residential proxies for Amazon MTurk without location errors.