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Residential Proxies: All You Need To Know

Residential proxies are a kind of proxies that allows you to use residential IPs when connecting to the internet. There are also several kinds of residential proxies that we will discuss further, but rest assured that all are better than normal proxies and render almost 0 possibilities to be discovered behind it.

A proxy is the kind of tool that gives you anonymity and can hide your IP address, showing that you are connecting from another location. Basically, a proxy server makes the connection between your computer and the website you want to access. The proxy makes these requests on your behalf to the web pages.

A similar concept is the VPN, but often these two are used together. Compared to VPNs, when you use a proxy you do not have to download any program, you only connect to a certain application.

Table of Content

  1. Why do we need a proxy?
  2. Why should you get a residential IP?
  3. What are residential IPv6 proxies?
  4. Advantages of using static residential proxies
  5. Proxies for Web Scraping
  6. Proxies for Social Media
  7. Residential proxies for load testing
  8. Residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth
  9. Where can you find the best residential proxy service?
  10. Conclusion

Why do we need a proxy?

The primary use of a proxy server is to avoid certain restrictions imposed by the geographical location or by certain institutions. Proxy servers can improve the performance of the network. Also, it provides web developers with a mean to test the functionality of a website in a certain region.

Social media managers use proxies to keep their identities safe and prevent the risk of being caught and having their IPs blocked or their accounts frozen. People also use proxies for their web scraping projects to hide the IP. There are also many other advantages of a proxy server.

You must be aware that there are some cases in which utilizing a proxy is prohibited by law. For instance, some sites stream content that is exclusively for the public who have spent cash for license fees to obtain access to it. If you did not buy that license and attempted to reach that content through a proxy server, that action would be regarded as unlawful.

Why should you get a residential IP?

Residential IPs are real user’s IPs, so they are nearly impossible to identify. Datacenter IPs usually have the same subnet block range, making them effortlessly detectable. Also, datacenter IPs can only appear as from one location, while residential IPs are available from almost any city around the globe.

Residential proxies enable you to use residential IPs. Thus, it makes your browsing experience more reliable while decreasing the chances of getting blacklisted. You should get these proxies if you want to improve your privacy, security and online safety.

What are residential IPv6 proxies?

Residential IPv6 proxies are residential proxies that use IPv6 addresses, responding to the need for more available IPs. Also, it offers better connectivity, higher speed and better security. The IPv4 standard will eventually migrate to IPv6 and an IPv6 proxy can help you to prepare for the migration. Meanwhile, you can use the residential IPv6 proxies as a mean to translate IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa.

Advantages of using static residential proxies

When using a static residential proxy, you are the only one using it. Therefore, you know exactly how is being used and you can avoid becoming blacklisted. Also, if your project requires single country access or verification, then you can easily use a static residential proxy.

Social media managers use both static and rotating proxies. They need to rotate the proxies when changing accounts while maintaining a single static residential proxy on each account.

Proxies for Web Scraping

Web scraping provides us the means to get and manage big data and compile an enormous amount of information through scripts. This has an ongoing developing market with tremendous applications.

Residential proxies are harder to detect and, thus, are perfect for web scraping. As web scraping is essential for getting a vast amount of online data, residential proxies are essential for web scraping.

Proxies for Social Media

Social media managers need to create multiple accounts to develop their clients’ brands. By doing that using a single IP address, they will get all their accounts banned. Using a proxy, the social media manager can log in to a new account using another IP address.

Residential proxies are perfect for social media, providing a genuine residential IP that originates from a real ISP. Therefore, you gain more authenticity and social media platforms don’t have any reason to doubt you.

Residential proxies for load testing

Submitting an application to heavy tasks is a must for testing it thoroughly. The website’s upload speed is paramount, as online shoppers and readers may never come again if the website is sluggish. Also, this optimization is important for SEO.

Residential proxies come in hand again by presenting the opportunity to test traffic from various places and increase load traffic from certain countries. This generates valuable insights and can unveil unforeseen problems.

Residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth

You may find yourself in dire need of unlimited bandwidth when streaming, or using torrents and online applications. In the aforementioned situations, the best choice for you is a residential proxy with unlimited bandwidth.   

Firstly, think about what is most important for you: unlimited bandwidth or unlimited threads. After you settle this, you can pick the right service for your business.

Where can you find the best residential proxy service?

Before purchase, make a thorough investigation regarding residential proxy services and providers. Firstly, set your budget and discover the best quality-price ratio for your endeavor. Finding the best residential proxy service can be an easier task if you do your homework.

Also, check out our list of top 10 residential proxy services and the real verified users reviews.


When you start a business, you must set up a business plan and marketing purposes. By doing so, you ensure your business is built for success. The same thing can be said about proxies. You must build your plan according to your needs, and only then you can get the right proxy service.

Using proxies may seem like old news, but the benefits that come with residential proxies are still enticing. An online business’s success may depend on the correct use of the right proxy. Don’t waste time and find the best proxy provider by checking these residential proxy reviews from verified buyers.