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Alex Eftimie’s Expert Knowledge

Expert in automation across many platforms and operating systems, anything from automating tasks years before zapier was cool. Started Automating Twitter messages in 2008 using mouse and keyboard automation software AutoIt

Over 11 years experience in fully automated bots, starting as a bot creator since 2009 by creating a large number of the chat bots used to moderate gaming channels.

Co-Creator of the first large scale spam operation on twitter, sending as many as 1000 tweets every second.

Amateur Hacker, discovering and exploiting a XSS on Pinterest and doing as much as $700 a day selling Garcinia Cambodia diet pills with it. First commercial operation selling real Pinterest followers, selling in total over 100.000.000 real followers on before pinterest caught on.

Over 8 years of experience in the proxies market as Former CTO and Cofounder of Microleaves, the first company to bring Residential Proxies to market.

Worn all hacker hats, finding and exploiting for a while a vulnerability in’s public network Hola VPN allowing unlimited unfiletered access to their peer network.

Turned gray hat after an unfortunate encounter with the police in 2012.

Helped stabilize and tune one of the biggest networks of proxy peers on the planet with over 40 million total proxies and over 200.000 live concurrent proxies.

Turned white hat after leaving Microleaves(now called Shifter) over disagreements about sourcing proxies using a botnet.

Now focused on helping others build and scale their own online businesses through IT Consulting, Systemic Coaching and Marketing.