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Advanced Residential Proxies

You should already be familiar with the benefits of using a normal residential proxy for anonymity. Also the necessity of using them when running bots. But, do you know about some of the advanced residential proxies that are available?

There are an elite few proxy server providers that also offer premium alternatives to their regular residential proxies at a slightly higher price. In this article, I’ll cover Smartproxy and Bright Data’s Search Engine Proxies, and Oxylab’s Next-Gen Residential Proxies.

Of course, their regular services are already great to begin with. Now, let’s go over what makes these advanced services so special.

Advanced Features Breakdown

Typically, any decent rotating residential proxy can be used for search engine scraping and crawling purposes. However, these advanced proxies are further optimized with: 

  • 100% success rate. No worrying about missing out on any data due to being blocked or sent false data from a honeypot.
  • No CAPTCHAs. These services are all optimized so that they avoid any CAPTCHA triggers.
  • High speeds. Nothing but the best is included in these premium services. You’ll get your results in real-time.
  • Multiple data export options. All three providers offer your parsed results in your choice of HTML or JSON.
  • Easy integration. These services are just as easy to use as regular proxies. They can work with the same types of proxy configurations and scraping tools you’re already used to.
  • Premium geo-targeting. Not all regular residential proxy services offer precise global geo-targeting options, but all of these advanced proxies do.
  • Great scalability. Designed with accommodating megacorp data extraction in mind, these premium services can handle any project big or small.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions. While not unique to these advanced features, this isn’t a standard feature of all residential proxies. Hence, it’s worth mentioning, as it improves speed by making so many simultaneous requests.

Now, let’s compare the three mentioned providers’ normal service plan pricing to their advanced services plans. I’ll also go over anything that makes them stand out from the others. 

Keep in mind that all three of these providers offer high-scale operation support beyond the packages listed. They just require contacting their sales teams to figure out a custom plan that best suits your business’ needs.


Smartproxy is the most economically priced of the providers I’ll be covering in this article. Any more frugal providers don’t offer the same level of advanced features. 

Their great pricing is in part due to having the smallest IP pool of the three, at 40M. This is still a respectably sizable amount, for sure.

Smartproxy’s regular residential plans are:

  • Micro – 5GB/month for $75 + Value Added Tax (VAT) for 1 user and whitelist.
  • Starter – 20GB/month for $200 + VAT for 3 users and whitelists.
  • Regular – 50GB/month for $400 + VAT for 5 users and whitelists.

Meanwhile, their Search Engine Proxies with all of the earlier listed features are:

  • Lite – 35k requests for $100 + VAT.
  • Basic – 100k requests for $250 + VAT.
  • Standard – 250k requests for $500 + VAT.


Oxylabs’ Next-Gen Residential Proxies live up to their name, bearing even more advanced features than the others. Built with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they can handle even the most challenging targets. Their Smart Auto-Retry system won’t give up, ensuring flawless final results, every step of the way.

Their AI fuels dynamic fingerprinting per each request. This AI makes changes in real-time to create unique user agents and other digital fingerprint data without having to resort to using headless browsers. It even takes into account the destination, tailoring the settings as is appropriate for the target.

Their implemented Machine Learning lets them tackle website layout changes with ease. Since they’re able to render JavaScript, they’ll extract just the data you want and parse it smoothly for you.

This is on top of all the other advanced features listed previously. Oxylabs also have the most impressive IP pool of the three providers covered in this article at over 100 million.

Their normal residential proxy packages are:

  • Starter – 20GB/month for $300.
  • Business – 50GB/month for $600.
  • Corporate – 100GB/month for $900 with a dedicated account manager.
  • Enterprise – 1TB/month for $5,000 with a dedicated account manager.

Meanwhile, their Next-Gen Residential Proxy packages are:

  • Starter – 20GB/month for $360.
  • Business – 50GB/month for $750.
  • Corporate – 100GB/month for $1,100.
  • Enterprise – 1TB/month for $6,000.

Bright Data

Last but by no means least, Bright Data has a respectable IP pool of over 72M. One notably special feature that they offer is their pool of over 2,600 ‘Super Proxy’ servers.

Super proxies are a network spread across the globe that, when you’re configured to use them, will serve to provide load balancing between their customers and their targets. All requests go to the super proxy first, which will then select the most appropriate IP for your request. They’ll overlap with any other customers that are making the same type of data scraping request, greatly enhancing speed for everyone.

As a premium service, their Search Engine Crawler will only count successful requests towards your paid plan. They also advertise great response times, under 3 seconds from call to result.

Their normal residential proxy packages are:

  • Experimenting – 20GB/month for $300.
  • Starter – 40GB/month for $500.
  • Production – 100GB/month for $1,000.
  • Plus – 350GB/month for $3,000.

Meanwhile, their Search Engine Crawler Proxies are:

  • Starter – 200k requests per month for $500.
  • Production – 500k requests per month for $1,000.
  • Plus – 1.76m requests per month for $3,000.


For any major project, it’s important to have complete and reliably accurate data. It also needs to be fast, since every minute is potentially the difference between whether or not you get that information in time to act upon it.

All of these advanced residential proxies will parse out your desired data for you. Between their high speeds and organized data output, it will take you hardly any time at all to turn it into actionable data. If you’re serious about your data collection project, it’s time to grab the plan best for you and get started.