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The Best Proxies for PS4

the best proxies for PS4

The Play Station 4 (PS4) was specifically designed to give users the best possible gaming experience. However, slow lagging internet speed could hinder the gaming experience that users wish for. Just imagine having an unstable connection during a match up, sad isn’t it? What about not being able to play your favorite game because of geographical restrictions? Luckily the best proxies for PS4 will help you prevent that and enjoy your game to the fullest. If you are into online gaming you probably know what a proxy server is by now. But let’s assume you are a rookie looking forward to starting a career in online gaming. You would be asking yourself many questions. Why do I even need proxies…

How to Use cURL for Web Scraping?

how to use cURL for web scraping

No matter what data you need to get, web scraping is the solution to quickly download anything you need from the targeted website. This is an excellent use case for cURL. But how to use cURL for web scraping? One of the most natural uses of cURL is to download a file via the command line. However, this is misleading because cURL is an amazingly powerful tool. Even if you are slightly accustomed with the command line, you probably don’t use it to its full potential. Table of Content What is cURL? cURL vs file_get_contents Functionalities Web Scraping using cURL Data Collection Automation Conclusion What is cURL? The name is the short version for Client URL. It is a part…